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The Spur - ETACEC 16-18.

The European project The Spur has selected six visual artists to carry out research work in residency with particular emphasis on working and creative processes. The international professional residencies with expert mentoring will last two months and will take place in one of the network's centres. Selected artists are Pierre Pauze (France), TiphaineCalmettes (France), SimonaBrinkmann (UK), Ben Pointeker (Austria), Federico Gori (Italy) and Deana Kolencikova (Slovakia).

The Spur is a project for the creation of a European cooperation network made up of seven cultural organisations that function on a local and international scale as cultural operators. Lead by Bòlit. Contemporary Art Centre. Girona, the project also includes Centre d'Art LE LAIT - Laboratoire Artistique Internationale du Tarn (Albí, France), el Bureau des Arts et des Territoires (Montpeller, France), Fundació Es Baluard. Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani of Palma de Mallorca, Sputnik Oz (Bratislava, Slovakia), Fondazione per l'Arte (Rome, Italy) and the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean.

The project is set to be developed for two years (2016-2018) and its aim is to create a European cooperation network focusing above all on the field of visual arts. It has two key objectives: to develop innovative projects for building the professional capacities and transnational mobility of creators and to implement transnational co-management processes between different organisations.

1 - Es Baluard: Pierre Pauze – FR

2 - Sputnik Oz: Tiphaine Calmettes – FR

3 - Fondazione per l’arte: Simona Brinkmann – UK

4 - Bòlit: Ben Pointeker – AUSTRIA

5 - Bureau des arts et territoires: Federico Gori – ITA

6 - Centre d’art Le LAIT: Deana Kolencikova – SLOVAKIA

The Spur aims to fulfil these objectives through five actions:

Action 1. Exploration: Artist spaces as seeds for professional and social urban renewal. Exploration of new embedding forms and fostering of the relationship between artistic creation and its urban and socio-economic context.

Action 2. Innovation: Creative residencies and mentoring. Activation of a creative residencies programme geared towards research and the development of professional profiles through their insertion in the system and the real economy, with the mentoring, advice and internationalisation facilitated by the network.

Action 3. Knowledge: Seminars, knowledge transfer and resource bank. Holding of seminars in order to disseminate the experiences enabled by the project and to systematise the knowledge in the form of a protocol and make it transferable (resource bank) in Girona, Albi, Rome and Bratislava (one meeting per country).

Action 4. Communication: Creation of a blog, 2.0 actions and publishing. A dynamic, digital magazine-catalogue and a final publication will be published, aimed at the creative industries and visual arts professionals all over the world, thanks to its reach as an online resource, and designed as a live platform of resources that will drive forward the project during (and after) its term of execution.

Action 5. Organisation: Joint management and good practices. Creation of a transnational work team which, on the basis of shared knowledge and best practices, steers the project and generates a set of transnational management tools valid across Europe (resource bank) and which, furthermore, provides a solid grounding for stable cooperative initiatives in all kinds of projects between two or more partners (exhibitions, exchanges, co-productions, etc.) beyond the project itself.

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