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KALPA presents a refined selection of art in the Pavillion, the new modernist-influenced architectural gem by Vincent Van Duysen in Molteni&C Compound in Giussano (Brianza), which can be visited by appointment until May 2024.

Artworks by Yoshimi Futamura (Japan/France), Federico Gori (Italy) and Marc Ricourt (France) are reunited in the project PERENNI and sharply integrated within the design of the Pavilion to create a harmonious array of ceramic sculptures, intricate engravings on copper, and sculpted wood vessels inviting reveries and contemplation. In virtue of the critical urgency of reconsidering Nature as man's first home, the exhibit revolves conceptually around the ideas of the multiplication and metamorphosis of forms and materials as well as on the key role of plants as witnesses of history and vehicles of universal messages.

According to an all-around holistic vision of space that considers the environment, the human and the architectural, PERENNI invites the visitor across an organic visual journey where the languages of art and craft suffuse the spirit of architecture. The Pavilion has been designed to encompass a fluid connection between the courtyard and the interior space, as the ecosystem of Futamura’s, Gori’s and Ricourt’s research embraces the complexities of the natural realms, bringing indoors their spirit, forms and energies via timeless works of art.

Organic forms, deep colours, fluidity of lines, nature-like textures: the sculpture by French wood-turner and Loewe Craft Prize finalist Marc Ricourt distinguishes itself for the mastery of his technique, the pronounced edges of his vessels, and the overall feelings of strength and passion rising from his series. In his works, there is no attempt to hide the tool marks. The roughness belies the control required to make such consistent cuts, emphasizing the aesthetic balance between shape, colour and texture.

For PERENNI, Ricourt presents three sculpted wood objects in beech and walnut from his iconic series Scorched and Rust: the warm sunlight entering the space of the Pavilion from the large windows adds a poetic inflection to these pieces, which are originally worked in such a way to appear as something else. In the case of the Rust series, for example, the artist applies ferrous oxide to the piece's surface, providing the wood with visual and tactile qualities of materials like corten.

Informed by the Japanese cultural heritage of ceramics - the yakimono, Yoshimi Futamura brings this traditional art right to the center of international art debate, working with many languages, from utility wares to aesthetically pleasing sculptures. Each of her objects perfectly balances Oriental and Occidental approaches to the art while comprising a work that honours the spirit of the art living and reveals both power and spirituality inherent within her medium. On the occasion of PERENNI, the artist introduces two pieces from the series Black Hole and functional Vases that can be found in the cloister-like courtyard of the Pavilion and one of the interior areas of the compound, inviting visitors to discover the path of tactile imagination and a profound connection with the object itself.

Italian artist Federico Gori researches specific themes related to the multiplication and metamorphosis of forms and materials, the perpetual movement of time, and the critical urgency of man’s reconciliation with the natural world. His artistic vision links to the core of the project, with the integration of two artworks respectively from the series Perenne and Patterns, consisting of etchings and natural oxidations on sheets of copper. While the densely patterned wall installation Perenne 05 bears the imprint of the cross-section of a tree trunk, the unique second work Pattern 01 displays the trace of a root, both encapsulating the secret code of nature. Being a highly mutable element, copper oxidises and changes its composition and appearance, giving these artworks the status of living art pieces in continuous evolution moving across space and time.

Location and time

Molteni&C headquarters, Giussano (MB) November 2023 - May 2024


By appointment only

Photo by Daniel Civetta for KALPA


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