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FIUME (RIVER), is an artwork composed of 163 paintings made using enamel and ink on aluminium. The video alternates the vision of three different rivers, in which the water flows incessantly but with ever-different speeds and intensities. The video installation shows three different aspects of the same moment, all of them happening at once. The timeless aspect of this video installation is probably the central element of the work. It is composed of 163 paintings, a plurality of enamelled aluminium plates, that animate the landscape’s change and make it repetitive and obsessive. A synesthesia of sounds, images, lights and shadows which reminds some movie clips in black and white of the 30s and 40s, giving a feeling of pleasure that is not only formal, visual and aesthetic, but one that ensues from the surplus of shapes, from the unexpected density of pictures to the work of time. From the track and the patina of experience that can be summarized in a work which is given not as a representation, but as a pure presence.


FIUME – 2019, video animation, loop - Installation view, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Taranto, MArTA

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