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As the title implies, PROPHETIA embodies a contemporary prophecy, bringing to life a ritual of catharsis within differing temporal and spatial planes, the micro and macro. The work relates to the Etruscan partition of the sky into four macro sectors, each in turn divided into as many four, each corresponding to a different deity of the pantheon. To emphasize the interconnection between all the cosmic elements of the universe, within each of the sixteen elements, Gori imprints the map of the sky in copper corresponding to the date of July 17, 2023 in addition to natural and symbolic forms referring to the Etruscan cult of divination and the burial of the dead, like feathers of different waterfowls and asphodels (the flowers of spontaneous birth in necropolis sites and since antiquity symbolically linked to the afterlife).

Gori's individual works are placed on corresponding architectural structures, whose rust-colour enhances the spatial continuum between the ancient terracotta of the floor, the cangiante red of the copper, to the sand and terracotta of the Etruscan artefacts. These last elements are resting directly upon each work: terracotta and alabaster fragments from ancient times of faces and bodies - now drawn and now sculpted - dialoguing closely with the copper of the installation. Through contact with different materials, copper oxidises and changes its composition and appearance, giving the exhibition the status of a living work of art that is constantly evolving.

PROPHETIA develops from the core of Gori's research and poetics, which focuses on the concepts of time and metamorphosis, the encounter with different temporal planes, and the impossibility of man to dominate time and matter, so often elusive to all human logic. This is an artistic investigation aimed at encapsulating the secret code and signs of nature, its biodiversity and evolutionary path.

Exhibition project created by Anima Silvae association and Museo Etrusco Guarnacci in collaboration with Kalpa Art Living.

PROPHETIA – 2023, engravings and natural oxidations on 16 copper plates, Etruscan artefacts (alabaster, terracotta), plinths (wood, sand, natural pigments), environmental dimensions - Installation view, Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra - Photo credits: Simone Stanislai - Courtesy: Kalpa Art Living

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