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OVUNQUE PROTEGGI (2012, animation - loop) is an artwork composed of 328 paintings made using enamel and ink on aluminium. (…) The substance of this gap is revealed in the video installation Ovunque proteggi (You Protect Everywhere), a four-channel ‘polyptych’ created by animating 328 paintings edited in sequence. Each screen shows the image of one of the artist’s grandparents, from family photographs, in which he or she appears younger. All four, in the artwork, are younger in age than Federico Gori. They are seemingly immobile (but one can notice, by paying attention, a wink of an eye or a nod of the head), while behind them a wind, strong but not violent, stirs the field and the branches of trees, and the video sequence is so tight that it is impossible to understand when the loop ends and when it begins again. The biographical element never degenerates into an anecdote, into a banal ‘tale’, into a mere document. It instead strengthens the universality and the inevitability of eternal recurrence, in the two meanings already introduced and concerning the cyclic pattern of both nature’s time as well as that of human existence.

Ovunque proteggi

OVUNQUE PROTEGGI – 2012, video animation, loop - Installation view, Centro Arti Visive Contemporanee Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia - Photo credits: Bärbel Reinhard

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