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LA SOMIGLIANZA PER CONTATTO (SIMILARITY BY CONTACT) consists of a series of sculptures in diatomaceous earth. The use of diatomaceous earth is linked first and foremost to its nature: it is a sedimentary siliceous rock of organic origin, it is the fossil residue of the microscopic algae of the diatom family, which appeared during the Cretaceous, approximately around 145 Million Years ago. Using this material, a series of casts were made, from parts of branches or tree trunks. The nature of these sculptures is not a mere reproduction of reality. In fact, given the technique and the material with which these works are made, the result obtained is always a "hybrid". These sculptures bring to mind the memory of a primordial forest. They suggest a metamorphosis taking place in front of our own eyes, in which the biomorphic forms can have animal, mineral or fossil origin. A shift is created, a displacement of the element over time, like residual objects of a sacred ritual we have lost the memory of.

The title is a quote from La Ressemblance par contact by philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman.

LA SOMIGLIANZA PER CONTATTO – 2022, casts in diatomaceous earth, base in concrete and wood, environmental dimensions

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