The CORTECCIA (Bark) series, (is composed by) square (or rectangular) canvases (...). Each has been wrapped around the trunk of an age-old tree whose knotted and rough epidermis, using a frottage made with ashes and charcoal / grass and soil, preserves the imprint. Through the use this time of a technique much different from etching on copper, the active role of the element of nature returns in creating the image which, again, takes shape from a sort of mould, from the relationship between volume and void. The distance from ‘the original’ increases, making it difficult to identify its nature at a glance.

Marco Pierini, Terram Vertere, from the catalogue of the exhibition Federico Gori, Come afferrare il vento – Curated by Marco Pierini – ed. Gli Ori Editori Contemporanei, Pistoia 2015.

Corteccia - erba04.jpg

CORTECCIA - grass and soil on canvas – environmental dimensions – installation view, Museo Ebraico di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 2015. photo credits: Ellebì

Corteccia - erba03.jpg
Corteccia - erba.jpg

CORTECCIA (series) - charcoal and ash on canvas / grass and soil on canvas – cm 180 x 180 – installation view, Palazzo Fabroni Arti Visive Contemporanee, Pistoia, Italy, 2015. photo credits: Bärbel Reinhard

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Corteccia carbone02.jpg
Corteccia carbone.jpg
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