AFFIORA is made up of 219 elements in cement, squares measuring 24x24 centimetres, bearing (...) the partial imprints of tree trunk cross-sections. The growth rings stand out more clearly here and less clearly there, rippling the skin of the blocks that seem to rise up from the floor, which contributes to the work despite being lighter in tone and a much more level surface. The square shape (…) of each single component, establishes a sort of unit of measurement through which Gori confers order to the work and succeeds in calibrating its arrangement within the architectural space. The different thicknesses of each cement tile, instead, as well as their arrangement on the floor, follows the golden ratio, which we have been traditionally led to consider as the most elegant, harmonious and proportionate both in nature as well as in art since antiquity.

Marco Pierini, Terram Vertere, from the catalogue of the exhibition Federico Gori, Come afferrare il vento – Curated by Marco Pierini – ed. Gli Ori Editori Contemporanei, Pistoia 2015.


AFFIORA - concrete – environmental dimensions - installation view, Palazzo Fabroni Arti Visive Contemporanee, Pistoia, Italy, 2015. photo credits: Bärbel Reinhard