EVERY WALL IS A DOOR is a permanent installation work and part of the project 'Re-Building the Future' - Parc01 Rossana Maiora Cycle Route, in Siracusa, curated by Marco Pierini in 2015.
The work is carried out using the ancient technique of the 'dry stone wall', present in the Sicilian territory and a traditional characteristic of the place. Set on the seaside, facing the Mediterranean sea, it becomes a metaphorical and real presence, symbolizing the openness to other cultures and traditions from all areas of the Mediterranean.

‘Every Wall is a Door’ is a large art installation made up of two dry-stone walls, built side by side and divided only by a 60 cm gap, enough space for a person to pass through. It is the reminder of the Greek city walls that skirted the cliff, even in the use of the same local white limestone; the work has been built emplying a traditional technique still in use. Without any ornamental element - like the one built by Dionysius - Gori’ structure, compared to the original, clearly shows a different (actually antithetical) function already in its plain, rural and artisanal aspect. Caesura and diaphragm at the same time, the wall marks a limit and in parallel surpasses it; it divides and joins with its mere presence. Unequivocal reference to the many barriers erected (or evoked) in our age, in a vain attempt to preserve identity through isolation, it stands as a warning against any kind of hermetical closing towards ourselves. The breach opened in the middle is an entrance as well as an exit, a simbolical passage for those coming from the sea seeking a safe haven, like for those sailing the sea in search of adventure. 


Marco Pierini, ‘Ogni muro è una porta’, from the catalogue of the exhibition ReBuilding The Future – Curated by Marco Pierini – ed. Lussografica, Caltasinetta 2015.


EVERY WALL IS A DOOR - dry stone wall - M 21 x 2,80 x 1 – Rossana Maiorca Cycle Route, Siracusa, Italy, 2015.